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– – Strategic Planning Software videoPlan, Align, Execute.
Access, update, and share your plansonline anytime, anywhere.
Strategic Planning Software .
Monitoring, tracking, managing and reporting on strategic plans has never been easier.

With Simbli’s strategic planning software

organizations can effectively communicate plans to all stakeholders and empower contributors to focus on areas of responsibility while understanding how their work fits into the overall plan.


Work a Plan.

Simbli facilitates effective strategic planning by streamlining plan management

performance measurement, and communication – all in one simple, easy to use tool.
Multiple Plan Types.
Create, manage and track strategic plans, action plans, technology plans, facilities plans, school improvement plans, and more.
Plan Visualization .
View, download, and print your plans in a variety of formats including map, plan detail, data sheet, or calendar view.
Reporting Dashboard.
Track individual and team progress via the strategic plan ning dashboard, complete with balanced scorecard.
Filtering and Sorting.
Sort and filter plans by priority, status, department, owner, due date, and more.
Plan Alignment.
Align and access meeting agenda items and board policies to the strategic plan .
Plan Management .
Utilize drag-and-drop functionality to quickly and easily edit, import, and export content and data.
Safety and Security .
Manage editing capabilities and access to private and public plans.
Advanced Search.

Search archived and current plans with Simbli’s advanced search capabilities

Planning Integration.
Organize and align all aspects of the strategic plan in one, fully integrated location.
Simbli’s Strategic Planning Software is a state-of-the-art tool that will strategically connect plan management, performance measurement, and communication in a powerful package to help school systems improve student achievement.
It is the most powerful electronic suite of improvement tools available to school districts.

Scott Cowart – Superintendent Carroll County Schools

We believe in the importance of strategic planning.
eBOARDsolutions has given us the ability to allow the strategic plan to drive the district instead of the district driving the strategic plan.

Chris Neale – Superintendent Gasconade R-1 School District

Spotlight On Success.
Carroll County Schools, GA.
Experiencing what the school district referred to as ‘SPOTS’ (strategic plans on the shelf), Carroll County Schools turned to eBOARDsolutions to help them streamline strategic plan development and ultimately improve transparency and accountability. VIEW CASE STUDY Related Resources.
Access a variety of supplemental resources related to Simbli’s Strategic Planning software including case studies, success stories, webinars-on-demand, articles, events, and more.

Top 10 Tips for Effective Strategic Planning

By eBOARDsolutions.
21 Aug, 2016.
Category: Articles, Meetings, Planning.
With the demands and complexities of public school systems in the 21st century, it is hard to imagine how school districts can continue raising the bar without effective and comprehensive strategic.
MORE Create a Performance Culture in Your School District.
By eBOARDsolutions.
20 Aug, 2016.
Category: Articles, Planning.
Education leaders want their districts and schools to be high performing.
To do that, leaders recognize that they must create Performance Cultures.
But what exactly is does this mean and what.

MORE Strategic Planning Development – No More SPOTS

By eBOARDsolutions.
07 Sep, 2016.
Category: Case Studies, Planning.
Experiencing what the school district referred to as ‘SPOTS’ (strategic plans on the shelf), Carroll County Schools turned to eBOARDsolutions to help them streamline strategic plan development and ultimately improve transparency.
MORE Effective Board Governance with the Core Four.
By eBOARDsolutions.
13 Sep, 2016.
Category: Case Studies, Communication, Evaluations, Meetings, Planning, Policies.

Barrow County Schools use Simbli’s ‘Core Four’ to manage meetings

strategic planning, board policies, and performance evaluations for the school district.

MORE Strategic Planning That Works

By eBOARDsolutions.
18 Sep, 2016.
Category: On-Demand Webinar, Planning.
A strategic plan helps define the vision and goals for an organization, considers the current reality, and determines the steps required to narrow the gap between what currently exists and the.
MORE Streamlined Policies Management Helps Impact Student Achievement.
By eBOARDsolutions.
20 Sep, 2016.
Category: Case Studies, Evaluations, Meetings, Planning, Policies.
In order to align to the Missouri Department of Education resource standards, the Grandview Board of Education needed a way to improve their board policy editing, tracking and review process.
MORE Paperless Board Meetings – Making the Move to Digital.
By eBOARDsolutions.
15 Dec, 2016.
Category: Articles, Evaluations, Meetings, Planning, Policies.
When Dr.
Vic Wilson became the superintendent of Hartselle City Schools in July of 2013, one of his first priorities was to evaluate his new surroundings.
Personnel, processes, culture, organizational priorities.
MORE 2019 National Superintendent of the Year Focuses on Solid Board Governance.
By eBOARDsolutions.
23 Jun, 2017.
Category: Articles, Evaluations, Meetings, Planning, Policies.
When Dr.

Curtis Jones joined Bibb County School District in April 2015

he spent his first month visiting area schools and interacting with community members to learn about what was going.
MORE The Essential Guide to High-Performing Boards.
By eBOARDsolutions.
25 Jul, 2017.
Category: Evaluations, Meetings, On-Demand Webinar, Planning, Policies.
What does effective board governance look like in practice.
Hear from Superintendent, Dr.

Curtis Jones of Bibb County Schools

GA as he shares effective, proven board management strategies that have helped.
MORE How Boards Lead the Shift to Student-Centered Learning.
By eBOARDsolutions.
25 Sep, 2017.
Category: Articles, Planning, Policies.
Learn about the role boards and superintendents play in making the shift to student-centered learning.
Philip Lanoue, former superintendent of Clarke County Schools in Georgia and 2015 AASA National Superintendent.
MORE Let’s Get Started.
Your personalized demonstration of our award-winning Strategic Planning software is just a few clicks away.

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